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11.5g Big Slick Custom Poker Chips Expert Overview

I don't know why, but I waste so much money on poker chips.
Over the years I'll purchase a new set for my home games, but then I get bored with the way they look.
So I end up throwing them out or giving them to someone else.
Once I find a home for them I go out and purchase a new set.
It's been going on for quite some time, but I really think this is the last time I do it.
See, years ago you were never able to put your own mark on a poker chip.
You basically bought what was available and put your initials on them or something.
However, in today's world and the way our technology has flourished, you can now add your own design to the mix.
So when I bought my next batch of chips, I ended up buying the 11.
5g Big Slick Custom Poker Chips.
Texas Holdem' has been a big part of my life for the last twenty-five years, and seeing the standard design for the 11.
5g Big Slick Custom Poker Chips was enough to get started.
They're called Big Slick for a reason because there is an ace card on one side and a king card on the other.
On the opposite side you see the word "Texas" on the top and "Holdem" on the bottom.
In between each one of them was four blocks.
These separate each design and are done with various colors of your choosing.
You will be able to get anything from purple, yellow, green, and white to red, blue, and black.
I will tell you that if you plan on getting the purple version, you may want to get them fast because they are hard to grab.
It took me over a month to figure out the schedule before I got to order mine.
Needless to say this wasn't the end of my adventure.
I spent the time building designs of my favorite poker out there today, Gus Hansen.
They were various pictures of those different outfits he wears in the Trappin' Gus commercials.
You know, the aggressive Gus that will check/raise your chips away? They're Full Tilt Poker commercials, but the photos are absolutely priceless.
When the finished product finally ended up on my door step, I couldn't show them off to my friends fast enough.
I was expecting there to be some imaging problems or a resolution that would make me want them to return them, but to my surprise it was just the opposite.
Everything turned out great, and when I had my next game I had everyone laughing the entire evening with the various pictures.
In the beginning I only chose one color (black), but once it was all said and done I ended up purchasing every color.
Again, the purple took the longest, but it was well worth the wait.
Hopefully when you get a chance to get in the action, the 11.
5g Big Slick Custom Poker Chips will give you the same enjoyment as they do for me.
Then again, you may not need all the flair that I do.
Either way these are my favorite poker chips out there.

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