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Illuminate The Spaces In Style With Nautical and Green Port Lamp

Decorative lighting is the important part of almost every interior decoration plan. To facilitate the designers, home furnishing and decoration stores offer wide range of attractive designer lamps that create desired illumination effect in the targeted space. The trend of using green port lamp and nautical lamp in decorating interior as well as outdoor spaces is gaining massive popularity among the interior designers and individual decor enthusiasts.Port lamps are designed with specific flavor of port culture. These are handmade with quality CI (cast iron) sheet or brass. There is very thin differentiating line between the nautical and port lamps. Nautical lamps are used on ships for making the navigation easy and safe while the port lamps are used to illuminate the port areas as well as to pass on different signals. Oil is used as burning fuel in old versions while some modern port lamp models come with electric tube or bulb. Some models have built-in battery recharging system also that increases their portability.Nowadays, green port and nautical lamp both are being used as specific home decor items. Because of their unique handmade and antique look, these become the attraction centers for the visitors. These are available only on leading home decor stores, so these are rarely seen in the communities, especially, located distant from shore areas. As the craze of illuminating outer and internal spaces in houses is increasing, stores too are expanding their collection. The wide range of available options makes the selection of best lamp really tough. Here are some models that will ease down your process.Classically styled iron sheet anchor oil lamp comes in 4 x 4 x 11 inch size with Fresnel lens. A beautifully shaped long handle facilitates to hang it in patio, garden or verandah etc as per convenience. Iron sheet look out oil lamp with black-brown color coating comes in 12 inch size with ring handle and side post fixing loops. Ship Light Green port lamp comes is hand machined of premium quality CI thick sheet. The slit can be half opened for the adjustment inside wick. Rounded antique lantern with four light windows is also a good nautical lamp option to give a new look to your spaces. Some port lamps come with 'Starboard' mark over the body that makes them port or nautical decor specific. As the craze of illuminating outer and internal spaces in houses is increasing, stores too are expanding their collection.

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