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Rush Wealth Review - "Is This a Legitimate Opportunity?"

Rush Wealth is an Internet business based in the multilevel marketing industry.
There are many opportunities like this popping up online every day, so what makes this one different, and is it a legitimate opportunity? Rush Wealth is touting a simple Internet based business opportunity to help people create up to $3000 to $5000 thousand dollars per month with its revolutionary system and program.
The cost of starting this business is a simple onetime payment of $29 dollars.
With the program the member will have access and resell rights to the products offered through RW.
The products themselves are simple downloadable e-books and other tutorials that for the most part will be used as free offers to take a look at the opportunity itself.
The compensation structure is built on a revolving 2x1 matrix compensation structure that although highly touted as the best, in reality they are complex and require hard work.
Although there is no reentry fee and the compensation plan is revolving, this will by no means mean that there is no work involved.
The fact is, is that this particular business opportunity would require the constant recruiting of members and not just some members, but 100's each month.
Can this be done? For those with solid Internet marketing skills and can drive traffic, quality traffic online, these individuals will find at least some success.
Rush Wealth is a legitimate business opportunity that for those with some Internet marketing skills should find success with.
There are many opportunities like RW online and more and more hit the Internet every day.
For those of us who have found some or, massive success, we understand that this has come through three things; solid Internet marketing training, viable opportunity or product and of course massive action.

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