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#1 Dog Obedience Training Tip - Improve Your Dog Obedience Training

You will often hear people say that the most important thing to teach a dog is to listen to you, or that you need to teach them who is boss before anything.
This is true, you want to show the puppy you are the alpha, but that is not the most important dog obedience training tip.
Be Patient This is the biggest tip you can have with dog obedience, and it is to be patient.
You have to be patient not only with the dog - but yourself as well.
If you are training your dog and you are angry or frustrated, the dog will not learn.
You have to be patient with them because: 1.
The dog will learn quicker 2.
He will respect you more 3.
The dog will be happier 4.
It will be a better bonding experience for you both Patience is so important that if you can't show patience when training, then you should have someone else train the dog.
Of all the tips out there, this is the biggest dog obedience training tip you can get.
Breathe - There will be times you will get very frustrated with the dog, especially during house training, but by working with your puppy and making the effort to be patient, you will be amazed by how quickly the puppy learns.
Too many dog owners get frustrated and that can lead to inconsistency...
and even resentment.
Dogs are loving creatures and if you take any dog obedience training tip seriously, IT IS to be patient with your puppy.

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