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Product Companies Using Drupal As A Collaboration PlatformFor Developers

Drupal has emerged as a widely used flexible platform for building CMS websites for private enterprises, NGOs and government owned organizations. The open source platform with an immaculate backend technology has evolved into a powerful and absolutely compatible enterprise level solution.

Drupal powered collaborative community platforms for hi-tech enterprises features a wide array of information ranging from customer support, coding and troubleshooting tips to social media integration. These collaborative developer communities benefit immensely from customized Drupal applications that have been developed to support and further their knowledge sharing initiatives.

Here we have a look at some exceptional websites that have deployed Drupal based community solutions.

eBay Developers Programme

The eBay developer community with a sizeable strength of developers connects through a collaborative community that has been built using Drupal. The eBay Developers Program is an open platform which was formerly being run on Jive and since has migrated its data to Drupal. The community focuses on documentation and an easy to use Forum like interface wherein the developers can interact and even promote conversation threads through social networking sites like Facebook. The community website features an extensive support system for seasoned developers as well as beginners.The site has a support Ticketing system called eBay Developer Support that lets the developers seek assistance in case their issues are still unresolved in the Developer forums.

Twitter Developer Community

The Twitter platform enables developers to build great mobile apps while guiding entrepreneurs to make better business decisions based on Twitter data. Twitter has one of the largest developer community that has a Drupal based development community portal.The collaborative community has been engaged in the creation of more than a million apps with their API calls running into a figure of billions. The multiple discussion forums hosted on the platform help the developers to collaborate on app. development projects while sharing information on the Twitter platform and other related products.

# Intel Developer Zone

The Intel Developer Zone is an initiative by Intel to get its Developer Community to connect on a common platform. It is equipped with a user interface that lets the developers access their areas of interest like embedded systems, Game Development, technical and enterprise solutions along with other web solutions.It also features Product Support, documentation and a Registration Centre for the Developer Community.

Nvidia: Tegra Developer Community

The gaming industry giant and a trusted manufacturer of graphics Processing Units(GPUs), Nvidia has a Drupal based collaborative technical community known as the Tegra developer community). The site has some stunning looks along with a UI that helps developers access different developer zones based on their preferences like GPU Computing, Gameworks, Embedded Computing and professional graphics.

Brightcove Developer Docs

Brightcove is a widely used cloud based online video platform that provides live transcoding of the worldwide events.The Brightcove Developer Docs is a community website that features multiple developer resources like product updates, SDks and developer specific guidelines to get started with the development of VideoCloud APIs. The Drupal based community platform offers extensive developer documentation and support for its flagship, Zencoder which is a high quality video encoding software.

Product companies can leverage the capability of Drupal as a tool that improves User experience. A lean backend combined with improved accessibility features lets you leverage an architecture and supports collaborative software development. The Drupal solutions implemented to develop a community site can be prioritized in accordance with the intended goals and budgetary constraints. If you are keen on putting together a Drupal based community website, we at Valuebound can guide you through the process with our enterprise level solutions. For further information on our service offerings please Contact Us at +1 (201) 383-5005 or [email protected]

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