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How to Get My GED in Oregon

    • 1). Prepare for the exam. Most people prepare for the GED by enrolling in a course or purchasing a study manual. Most community colleges offer GED preparation programs and courses. In addition, there are many online classes that are both free and fee based. If you prefer to prepare at home, there are also a wide range of GED study manuals available through libraries and bookstores.

    • 2). Sign up to take the GED. The American Council on Education maintains a list of all approved Oregon testing centers that offer the exam. You must contact your selected testing center to schedule an appointment for each sub test, attend an orientation session, provide proof of identification and pay any fees.

    • 3). Travel to the testing center and take the GED. After you have completed all exam prerequisites, you will be able to take each sub test. You will have between 65 minutes to two hours to complete each sub test.

    • 4). Retake any sub tests if necessary. You must receive a passing score of at least 410 on each sub test to pass. Oregon allows you to retake each sub test up to three times per calendar year though you may have to pay additional testing fee. Once you have passed all five sub tests you may request your GED transcript and certificate as proof of completion.

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