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How to Put on a Mod Muffler

    • 1). Place the vehicle in park or neutral with the emergency brake set. Use a floor jack to raise the vehicle high enough to place two jack stands under the front part of the frame near the wheels. Place two more jack stands under the rear part of the frame near each wheel.

    • 2). Plug a compressor in and wait until the pressure rises for operation. Attach the cutting disk to the die grinder and connect the hose to the compressor nozzle. Don your safety goggles and slide under the vehicle. Place yourself to the side of the muffler to be removed. Angle the cutting disk near the front intake portion of the muffler and cut the pipe close to the muffler. Do not cut on the weld, but slightly forward of it.

    • 3). Have your assistant position the floor-jack spoon under the muffler to support it. Move to the rear of the muffler, angle the cutting disk and cut the pipe close to the muffler end. Let the muffler drop and remove it from underneath the vehicle. Take the exhaust cone, and using the large end, place it over one exposed end of the cut pipe. Hit the cone several times to flare the exhaust pipe end inward. Do the same to the other pipe end.

    • 4). Slip the short extension pipe over the rear exhaust pipe. Tap it with the hammer toward the rear of the vehicle until the front part of the extension pipe lies flush with the cut pipe end. Ideally, the pipe extension should be around 1 foot in length or more. Have your assistant lift the new muffler up with the floor jack, while you align it with the front "cut" pipe. Slide the muffler toward the front of the vehicle over the exhaust pipe until it seats on the back of the muffler flange.

    • 5). Twist the muffler to make it level. Place a U-clamp hose clamp over the muffler pipe that encircles the exhaust pipe. Screw the cinch nuts on by hand. Use a socket and wrench to tighten the nuts on the hose clamp, alternating back and forth on each nut until the clamp closes. Have your assistant hold the rear of the muffler up. Tap the end of the pipe extension forward, using the hammer to hit in on the end. Tap the pipe extension until it slides over the outlet flange and stops.

    • 6). Place a U-bolt exhaust clamp over the rear muffler connector flange and run the nuts on by hand. Use the socket and wrench to tighten the nuts, alternating back and forth until the clamp cinches closed on the flange. Place a U-bolt hose clamp over the pipe extension where it sleeves over the rear of the exhaust pipe. Be certain that you position the clamp where the two pipes have joined. Screw the nuts on by hand and finish tightening them with the correct socket and wrench.

    • 7). Lower the vehicle with the floor jack and remove the jack stands. Start the vehicle and listen to the exhaust. Check for leaks.

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