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Will a Floor or Wall Fountain Look Better in Your Home?

Now that you have made the decision that you want to add a water feature to your home, you need to decide between a floor or a wall fountain.
Of course, there are also tabletop varieties that are available too that will compliment whichever larger fountain you choose if you want to add a few of them.
So, how do you decide which one will bring your space to life? Below are the things that you should consider when you are making your decision.
Room Layout The layout of your room will ultimately play a huge role in your decision.
Water walls will need a nice vacant wall, preferably one that visitors immediate see upon entering the room.
Some of these can be relatively heavy so take this into consideration when choosing a wall.
On the other hand, floor fountains have a way of creating a true spa atmosphere in a room of any theme or color palette.
You may find yourself walking by and looking for koi fish from time to time as they just seem as they would belong there swimming around.
The thing about floor fountains though is as dynamic as they are, placement is everything.
They need to be positioned where they can be appreciated, yet out of the way of foot traffic.
If you have dogs, you have to be prepared for the to become a water bowl, which is fine as long as you provide fresh water daily.
Personal Style The style choices are endless when it comes to both types of water features.
You can find a wall fountain that looks contemporary just as easily as one that could enhance a 50s retro theme.
There's even art fountains that are available that are unlike anything you may be familiar with.
Floor fountains also come in an array of materials and trims.
Popular choices today include copper, glass, stainless steel, slate, mirror and stone.
Some floor water features are simply straight, others are curved and you'll even find some with designs like bamboo designs etched in glass.
Why Not Get Both? If you can't decide whether you get a floor or a wall fountain, why not get both? There is no rule that says you can only have one per room! Of course, you could always put one in your bedroom to help you sleep better or in your bathroom to create a tranquil spa atmosphere.

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