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How to Convert Your BlackBerry Contact List to G1

    Sync BlackBerry

    • 1). Download BlackBerry Desktop Manager. The Blackberry desktop software download website is listed in the Resources section below. Select "Download for PC" and select "Download" and "Run." The program will install automatically once you select "Run."

    • 2). Connect your BlackBerry to the computer using its USB cable. Click "OK" if you see a pop-up that reads "No applications configured for synchronization."

    • 3). Click "Synchronize," and select "Synchronization," located under the option labeled "Configuration. Click the button labeled "Synchronization and enter your phone's password, if requested.

    • 4). Select "Address Book" and "Microsoft Outlook." Click "Next," then click "One way sync from Device to Microsoft Outlook."

    • 5). Click "Next" and "Finish."

    • 6). Unplug the BlackBerry cable for several seconds and plug it in again. Enter your device password, if requested. Click "Accept" in the window labeled "Confirm Address Book Edits." Your contacts will be sent to Outlook.

    Transfer to the G1

    • 1). Connect your G1 to your computer using its USB cable.

    • 2). Wait several seconds for Windows Mobile Device Center to open automatically. The program is native to Windows computers.

    • 3). Select "Set up this device" in Windows Mobile Device Center.

    • 4). Select "Contacts" as the data that you want to synchronize, and click "Next."

    • 5). Enter a name for the device, such as "G1" and click "Setup." The BlackBerry contacts that you transferred to Outlook will be transferred to your G1.

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