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iPhone 4 Video Specs

    HD Video

    • HD video, previously available only in selected and generally costly devices, is now available on the iPhone 4. With the touch of a button, the iPhone 4 records in 720p high-definition video with audio accompaniment at 30 frames per second. With Apple's integrated iTunes app, you can replay HD video recordings made on your iPhone on your computer, your iPad or your television screen.

    The iPhone Display

    • The iPhone 3.5 inch wide-screen multi-touch viewing screen has a 960 by 640 pixel resolution of 326 pixels per inch (ppi). This is a notable achievement for a device that measures 4.5 by 2.3 inches and is only about a third of an inch slim.

    Two Video Cameras

    • The iPhone 4 comes with two video cameras, one front-facing for making HD videos, and a rear-facing unit that functions as one end of a video phone which Apple has dubbed "FaceTime." This development, not too long ago featured only in science fiction films, allows mutual owners of iPhone 4s to make audio-video calls to each other. The caller's image appears in a small box in the lower corner of the iPhone screen while the person at the receiving end fills the remainder of the display.

    Other Video Highlights

    • The iPhone display when using the video or still image camera has a tap-to-focus feature that takes the guess work out of making great stills and videos. Simply tap the screen and the center image immediately comes into focus. There is an accompanying flash for low light shooting. A three axis gyro moves your video display image as you shift the iPhone from vertical to horizontal. You can even tag your video creation with a "geotag," just in case you forget where you made the picture or recording.

    Video Formats

    • The iPhone 4 supports the Apple standard H.264 video standard as well as MPEG-4, M-JPEG. It also plays back all popular video formats with the exception of Adobe Flash. This format may come to it in the near future if Apple and Adobe can agree to terms, regarding patent rights more than available technology.

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