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How to Replace a Bryant Thermostat on a Honeywell RTH6400

    • 1). Turn off the power to the heating and cooling system at the breaker box.

    • 2). Loosen the wire terminals on the back of the Bryant thermostat and remove the wires attached to each terminal. As you remove the wire, use the sticker wire labels that came with your Honeywell RTH6400 to label each wire that you remove from the Bryant thermostat. For example, when you remove the wire connected to the "Y" terminal on your Bryant thermostat, label that wire with the "Y" sticker from the wire labeling sheet provided with the Honeywell RTH6400.

    • 3). Attach each wire to the corresponding terminal on the Honeywell RTH6400. Use the screwdriver to loosen the terminal and tighten the terminal after attaching the wire to it.

    • 4). Power the heating and cooling system back on and test all of the Honeywell RTH6400's features to ensure that you have wired everything correctly.

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