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Salmon Fishing in Alaska - Where and When You Want to Challenge the Run

What would make salmon fishing in Alaska perfect? Salmon fishing is one of the biggest challenges that a fisherman can take.
The waters teem with them all year round.
And the best part is getting to eat what you just caught.
You can choose to challenge them in the ocean deep or trek up stream while they migrate.
The location is where you choose to make your stand.
And they are many and plenty all around the state.
The ocean waters are filled with salmon in the prime of life.
They can make an angler's heart skip a beat.
But, salmon fishing in Alaska wouldn't be perfect without challenging them on the spawn run.
You can find them fighting to go upstream in some of the most beautiful places in the state.
In the panhandle, the Tongass National Forest houses many streams that salmon run.
The Kenai Peninsula further west puts many streams within a short distance for you to try your hand.
Do you want to go further inland? How about following the Yukon or Tanana rivers? They will take you to the high mountain lakes where the salmon spawn.
Five different varieties of salmon make their home in Alaskan waters.
But you may be waiting in line to catch them as they run upstream.
Bears love to sit and watch dinner come to them.
The mountain beauty and rough terrain make stream fishing a welcome challenge.
But don't think ocean fishing is any less of one.
The fish are strong and full of life in these waters.
Your boat captain will take you to the sweet spots where they love to hang out.
Any way you try to take them, you will not be sorry you took the bait.
Salmon fishing in Alaska will be the angler's dream vacation if you want it to be.
Consult with your guide or boat captain when you get ready to go.
The tackle and bait you need when salmon fishing in Alaska will vary from location to location.
Their expertise is invaluable to making your trip successful and fun.
Ocean waters will require different stuff than those used on the streams.
But just make sure you get the sturdy type.
You can expect a fight no matter where you go.
The salmon can weigh in over seventy-five pounds and it will make you sweat.
Take your bait and tackle and make a trip to the Alaskan wilderness.

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