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Has Religion Really Helped Nigeria or Compounded her Problems

First and foremost I must apologize to my brothers and sisters who are too religious and do not seem to see anything wrong in any action religious leaders take, no matter how dastardly and eccentric the act may be. The response is "touch not my anointing and do my prophet no harm" . In any way I may have offended you after reading this article, please find a place in your heart and forgive me.

Taking a proper morphology and clinical x-ray of the way the people who claim to be the custodian of God's Law do things in Nigeria, one wonders if they are out to stand out as Jesus did or they are out to serve as accomplice in collaboration with Nigerian politicians to intensify the suffering of the poor masses in the name of religion.

The day it came to my notice that few Nigerian pastors have spent 24 billion naira to buy private Jet, was the day their action became so questionable to me. Pastors using private Jet, is good for human comfort, but a shepherd is to die for the sheep and not the sheep allowing the shepherd to suffer in the hands of Wolves, when in deed he can help. One wonders why a man of God will use such amount of money to buy private Jet, just a material thing, but when you look around the church, you see nothing but hunger, helplessness, hopelessness, starvation and poverty among 80% of people who constitute the larger number of the congregation in the church. Then the question is, have these respected men of God whom we believe have indepth knowledge of the Holy Book and beyond not come accross 1 John 2:15 do not love the world or anything that belong to the world. If you love the world you do not love the father. May be proberbly they have not come accros this verse in the Holy Book or the verse is not in conformity with their believe or they have misunderstanding or misinterpretation of the above verse. Has any member of these churches, especially the intellectuals, whom I know are abound in these churches ever gave a thought of what 24 billion naira can do to the whole Nigerian economy let alone among the people who worship in these churches. This amount of money no doubt can empower almost everybody who worships in these churches who has no job and are frustrated out there.

Some churches own Universities and Polytechnics in Nigeria, these churches that operate and own these Universities and Polytehnics am sure in one way or the other had used money gotten from the loyal members of the churches in running these schools. But the question that left unanswered is, why is it that after the establishment of these schools, the shool fees will be so astronomical that the poor people who contributed in one way or the other cannot access these schools. If these schools were built to assist the members of these churches, why are they making the cost of education in these schools to be ot of the rich of the poor? or are the cabals who claim these schools blong to them trying to put it to us that everybody in these churches are of the upper class cadre, and that they are no poor persons found in these churches.

If these churches are actually for God and for the God's people,why are they collecting money or making the poor to contribute in the buiding of these schools and denying them the access to be educated in these schools by making the cost of education in these schools affordable only by the extremely rich Nigerians and beyond.

Is there any justice before God and humanity, that the people who pay tithes, offerings, sow seeds, that were used in one way or the other in building these schools can only look at the beautiful gates of these schools and swallow their saliva and begin to wish to school in these schools, since they know they do not have the financial muscle to go near the gates.

One would have expected that ordinarilly, these schools will give opportunity to both rich and poor to access tertiary education, but what we have is opposite where the poor will only contribute in building schools, but do not dare to go to the school because they do not have the means to be there. "this is rubbing peter to pay paul".

Nigerian state has failed in its responsibilities in giving quality education to its citizens, but these churches are part and parcel of Nigerian society. What is wrong when these churches support the government in repositioning public Schools morally and financially. Instead, these churches went and build their own private schools and instead of allowing the people who worship in these churches to benefit from these schools, they rather prefer to have the children of the rich who do not even worship in these churches to dominate these schools. The priority of these churches are not ethics and morality but profit making maximization and appropriation at the expense of the members of these churches, this is the highest level of injustice and is unjust before God and humanity, this is unhead of and should be condemned in all ramification.

Churches are places of worship, there is no where it is written that church is an organisation that is out to do business and appropriate gains to itself. Jesus frowned at this when he turned table upside down in the church when he saw that people were using church that is to be a place of worship to do business instead of a place of worship. This is the only place in the Holy Bible where it is recorded that Jesus ever got annoyed.

Thus, people who look at church as an organisation where they can employ man power to do business, make profit and appropriate profits by exploiting people through the instrumentality of religion should have a rethink and go back to this verse in the Bible and justify their action. 1Timothy 3:2 a church leader must be without fault. 1Timothy 3:3-4 church leader must not love money.

Here there is no option, it is an absolute command, "a church leader must not love money". The word must is a mandatory word, thus the reason why most men of God as we have them in Nigeria are in love with money and are so desperate to make money does not get its source from the Holy Bible.

Virtually, all the chuches have gone astray, they have failed in their responsibilities in Nigerian state. Church is the best thing given to man by God, but the way people who claim to be leaders of these churches run the activities without regard to ethics and morality and only concentrate on how to acquire wealth is very wrong. Thus because of this alone, they are committing sin before God. The scripture cannot be changed, 1 John 5:17 all wrong doing is a sin.

Corruption, the excess love for money are what the contemporary churches are full of. Churches that are suppose to be an eye opener and lead the people on the right path, have contributed enormously in misleading the people and making the situation more worst for the people. In asmuch as we have talked about Nigerian politicians as political criminals and bandits we should also brand some religious leaders in Nigeria the same name. The politicians have failed no doubt, they have looted the money, lied to the people and misled the people, the religious leaders have also lied to the people, stolen peoples money and have also misled the people.

The same failure Nigerian politicians have encountered  in repositioning and fixing the Nigerian state, the religious leaders have too. Most of them have lied so much and have deliberately misinterpreted the word of God to suit their selfish interests. But whatever happens the scripture cannot be changed as I have always maintained. 2Timothy 1:9 any one who does not stay with the teachings of Christ, but goes beyond it does not have God. Whoever does stay with the teaching has both the father and the son. 2 John 1:10 so then, if some one comes to you who does not bring this teaching, do not welcome him or her in your homes, do not even say peace be with you. 2John 1:11 for any one who wishes them peace becomes their partner in evil things they do.

However, we all should stand up against the misleading coming from most of the churches in Nigeria. This has contributed some problems why Nigeria is still where she is today, stagnates and is not ready to take any developmental steps.

My fellow Nigerians, time has come for all of us to stand up against anybody or bodies that have misled us over time. These religious leaders must come out to tell Nigerians the truth and lead them on the way on how the country will develope, the the teachings of ethics, moralities, good human conduct, corrupt free society must dominate their teachings and not on how to pay tithes and give out money for offering. We must as a matter of fact, read the Bible,to know what is expected of us as belivers. 1Peter 4:11 whoever preaches must preach good messages, whoever serves must serve with the strenght God gives, so that in all things praise may be giving to God through Jesus Christ, to whom belong glory and power for ever and ever.

It is very unfortunate that in Nigeria, everybody looks at every opportunity as an opportunity to make money the religious leaders inclusive.

The same way Nigerian political leaders do not have any good reason of going into politics, but for primitive capitalist accumulation and material acquisition, and in turn loot the state resources, paralyse the nation and defy all the development plans and policies. Most religious leaders in Nigeria go into Ministry just to make money, and they have refused to preach morality and ethics which if preached will go a long way in repositioning Nigerian state and bring development. This is because the people will have change of heart through  their teachings. But rather, their crave for exess material acquisition will not allow them teach the true word of God.

2 Peter 2:2-3 even so, many will follow their imoral ways, and because of what they do, others will speak evil of the way of the truth. In their greed, these teachers will make profit out of telling you made up stories.

As believers which all of us are claiming, anybody who breaks one Law breaks all the other Laws because there is nothing like preaching what will favour you and leaving what will not favour you. James 2:10 whoever breaks one commandment is guilty of breaking them all.

The politicians know what to do for the Nigerian state to be good for all of us, the religious leaders know what to teach for the people to have change of heart and occupy their minds with ethics and morality which are big driving force that will propel development. But these category of persons have refused to do what they know is the right thing to do. Whether they like it or not, they are committing sin.

James 14:17 so then, those who do not do the good they know they they should do are guilty of sin.

Unfortunately,all the people who have looted the nation's trasury and have paralysed the nation, worship in one church or the other and mosque. Infact some of them are elders, deacons, knights in churches. Then the issue is, if all of us are holy outside the church as we use to be on Sundays, who then stole the MONEY?Or are christians meant to steal money and go to church and be declared innocent by the "MEN OF GOD" on Sundays.These  people who have stolen the money had used these monies to pay tithe,sponsor one programme or the other in the church,had also contributed enormously in the building of churches , and ironically they are the most favoured in the eyes of the priest, they take decisions for the church and are the most holy, committed and dedicated in the eyes of the priest because they have the money to throw around in the church. Then the quetion is, is salvation for sale? and if yes how much does it cost?

Stolen monies donated for church programmes and building of church attract God's wrath not God's blessing because God is God of justice not God of injustice.

The religious leaders that encourage this, should hear this, James 5:5 your life here on earth has been full of luxury and pleasure. You have made yourself fat for the day of slaughter.

These people have followed the same way Nigerian politicians followed and have failed with them, I do not understand why they parade themselves as religious leaders. Do they really understand what it means to be man of God I doubt if they do.

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