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Funny Wedding Speeches - Pitfalls to Avoid

Let's not beat around the bush: most weddings are kind of boring.
Even if you're close friends with the couple, a wedding party is a lot of sitting around making small-talk with Great Aunt Sophie, and listening to dull speeches about how the maid of honor has known Cheryl since they were five, and they used to play with My Little Ponies, and blah blah blah.
One great way to liven up a dull wedding is with funny wedding speeches.
If you are in a position to give a speech at your friend's wedding (you're the best man, for example) you should consider injecting some wit into the monotony.
Careful, though.
This doesn't mean that you should stand and treat the room to tales of youthful debauchery with the groom, like that one time you two got really loaded and woke up on the side of the road, dirty and unsure how you got there.
I'm sure it was fun, but please, spare Aunt Sophie.
She doesn't want to hear it, and probably you had to be there to really appreciate it anyway.
What you should do instead is homework.
Sound like fun? Don't complain-it's much easier than having to plan a wedding (or a marriage, for that matter).
Try searching the web for "funny wedding speeches" and see if you can find a good one.
Notice what it is you like and don't like; you can use previously-written speeches as models for your own.
You might also investigate speech-writing guides at the library or book store.
If you want more specialized information of funny wedding speeches, you might be able to find it online (one example that comes to mind is the Classic Best Man Speech workbook).
As long as you put the work in, it will show, and you will be writing memorably funny wedding speeches in no time.

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