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"You Snooze, You Lose" - New Global Values and Morals

Prime Minister Brown of Britain, said it best, and I shall paraphrase: we have no Global Morals, nor Values, speaking economically.
Let me be frank, and speak for the whole world in general, we do have values, values being those things in life we value the most, but they've changed, and as far as morals go, those things that are under the heading of ethics-I used to have to take an ethics class once a year to keep up my counselling license-teaching me to maintain my principles, a code of behaviour, honour (respect, regard) not like today, it is a code of horror.
We don't have the same old style, or type we had forty years ago.
Brown should remember we took them out of the schools, with God, and Liberty, and saluting the flag, at least in America we did, and usually the world follows America, right to the abyss sometimes.
Anyhow, we got want we planted, 'You snooze, you lose,' that is our new morals and values in a nutshell.
If you don't like it, it's too bad, it is what we planted, and it is what is being harvested, and it is why were in such a worldwide crisis today.
I feel sorry for the young generation; they have to live with the garbage we planted.
I had to teach full grown men, while in my counselling career, those coming out of prison, into a halfway house back into society, that without discipline, there are no limits to a person's behaviour; nothing to govern them by if you do not have a moral code (meaning good behaviour).
They thought I was talking Greek.
We got what we deserve; now we are complaining.
Doesn't that beat all? What did Mr.
Brown expect; flowers from planting in manure for forty-years.
Trying to teach an old wolf morals and principles, and discipline, and values, is like trying to part the Red Sea, good luck.

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