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About Mobile Phone Services


    • You can message any 10-digit wireless number. Besides standard and instant messages, you can send photos and video to computer email addresses. Many providers allow you to set up five to eight personal email accounts. To minimize the types of communications you receive on the device, you can set your telephone to block pictures, videos or other types of messages.

    Video and Internet

    • Depending on your service level and equipment, you can download and watch movies from the Internet or your camcorder. Devices such as the Blackberry Apple's iPhone let you browse the web; make conference calls; store messages; update your personal calendar; and watch videos on YouTube. The devices can also be used like a Global Positioning System: Type in the location of a restaurant, business or other local site and the device will pull up directions on a map for you to follow.

    Music and Tones

    • Mobile telephones are also designed with music lovers in mind. You can save your favorite HiFi and mega tones to the device. Music can be set to play when callers dial your number or leave you a voice mail message. You can also download and store music clips from your favorite recording artists and play the songs back for your own private listening. A four-gigabyte Blackberry can hold about 1,000 songs.

    Printing Capability

    • You can email attachments to your laptop or personal computer at work or at home, download the documents and send them to a network or stand-alone printer. Some devices like the Apple iPhone and the Palm Pre let you print pictures and documents directly from the device using a Universal Serial Bus (USB) cable.


    • Puzzles, arcade and video games like Madden 2009, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2009 and Tetris can be downloaded to your mobile telephone. Game Mobile, Game Loft and Mobile Heart are some of the companies that offer video games for download. Games have been designed specifically for use with Blackberry, Nokia and Motorola devices.


    • Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile and Apple are leading mobile telephone providers. These and other mobile cell phone providers include local and national calling as part of their basic services. Some offer international calling capabilities. T-Mobile recently rolled out unlimited hotspot calling, which allows you to receive an unlimited number of calls at home over Wi-Fi. Sprint offers a bundled calling package that lets you send text, email, surf the Internet and talk for $99 a month. Software applications on iPhones and Blackberries work with Mac or Windows. Basic mobile telephones cost about $60. Complex devices with multiple features can cost from $200 to over $500.

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