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Email Marketing - The Freebie Marketer"s Trap and How to Avoid It

Do you have an email marketing list that receives tons of information from you but yet when you recommend them something like an affiliate product, they still don't buy from you? Others are claiming they make hundreds or even thousands from every email they send and here you are struggling to make sales from your email campaigns! Well, you might be a victim of the 'freebie marketer's trap.
' It's what happens when you send to much free information and free gifts to your subscribers.
They become accustomed to getting free stuff, that when you send them stuff to buy, they just won't budge from their seat.
After all, they are getting so much great no-cost information and gifts from you.
The key in email marketing is to strike a balance.
Stagger your emails.
Have one content email one day followed by a promotional email the next.
You don't want to send 3 free gifts in a week with no promotions within.
You are 'training' your list in this way to expect free stuff from you.
The 'staggered marketing' approach does well in satiating your subscribers with solid content and valuable free gifts, and it still allows you to make tons of cash with promotions added in.
You won't 'train' your list to expect free gifts all the time because you are also sending out advertising.
You are telling them that 'Hey, if you want to get premium information, you will have to pay for it.
This is not a charity'.
Promote your affiliate products or your own products hard and don't be ashamed of it.
Don't fall into the freebie marketer's trap!

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