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Ideas for Teen Rooms in Periwinkle

    Flower Themes

    • Create a floral theme with periwinkle walls and a variety of flowers in all sorts of color. Focus on showcasing one main type of flower such as pansies, or feature daisies alongside roses and other blooms. Place vases filled with silk flowers on your daughter's dresser, and feature pictures of flowers throughout the room to tie in the theme. Feature plenty of periwinkle accents such as pillows, bedding, curtains and rugs to pull the room together.

    Fairy and Princess Themes

    • A periwinkle princess or fairy theme embraces childhood stories and favored accessories. Paint all the walls periwinkle to create a panoramic effect. Then, spray a thin layer of spray-on glue on the walls, and sprinkle purple glitter on the top to create an ethereal feel. It's OK to use other light colors in combination with periwinkle. For example, combine a mixture of purple, pink and periwinkle pillows on your teen's bed. Decorate with princess or fairy pictures, fairy figurines and pink and purple bedding. Princess crowns, dolls and glass slippers also make decorative accents on desks and shelves. Alternatively, use string to hang a few flying fairy dolls from the ceiling.

    Teddy Bear Themes

    • Design an adorable periwinkle teddy bear room for your teenage daughter. Brown bears next to periwinkle walls and decor accents create a stylish, yet sweet look. Look for silver additions to feature in this room, such as mirrors with silver borders, tiny silver bears, silver lamps and decor pieces. Feature bear-pattered bedding and curtains, and adorn her bed with stuffed bears and plush periwinkle pillows.

    Beach Themes

    • Create a beach-themed periwinkle room for a surfer girl or nature lover. Paint one accent wall this color, or paint a beach scene with a sunset showcasing pink and plenty of periwinkle in the sky. You can paint her shelves light blue, and then adorn each shelf with periwinkle glass bottles, silk flowers and other blue-purple accents. Alternatively, paint various-sized seashells blue, purple, periwinkle, yellow and pink, and scatter them on shelves, dressers and other areas throughout the room. Showcase other beach decor in this room, such as framed beach photos, starfish, surfboards, boats and rugs shaped like seashells.

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