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Sea Fishing Tackle Review: The Penn TRQ 250 Star Drag Multiplier Reel

As an avid angler, I feel truly blessed to have been born in Britain.
Our island nation provides virtually unlimited opportunities for fishing, both freshwaters and sea.
Enter any seaside or lakeside pub during fishing season, and you're likely to find fishermen sharing a pint and swapping stories.
There's nothing in the world I enjoy more than sea fishing, except, of course acquiring sea fishing tackle! Here's a brief review of a great reel from the reliable and respected Penn brand, the TRQ 250 star drag multiplier.
About Multiplier Reels First, I want to say a word or two about the style of reel I prefer: the multiplier.
This type of reel has a spool that's centred between two side plates.
Although the drag can be star or lever type, I much prefer the star version.
In this type of drag, you can feel free to crank it up without worrying about any binding of the main and pinion gears.
Another thing I like about multiplier reels is that the handle, pinion and gears maintain perfect alignment, regardless of how heavy the load.
The spool in a multiplier reel rotates freely, meaning that there's much less friction than you'd experience with a fixed spool reel.
The result? Greater casting distance and casting accuracy.
A multiplier reel also gives more control when casting because the angler can first slow the reel and then stop is when the bait hits the water.
About Penn TRQ 250 Star Drag Multiplier Fishing Reel This reel is part of a new generation of products from Penn.
that are valued for their light weight, compact and ergonomic design.
The TRQ reels also are supremely easy to cast with as well.
If you're a dedicated salt-water angler, then this reel merits a good look, whether your preference is bottom fishing, jigging, live baiting or lure fishing.
From the moment you fix it to your rod, you're sure to notice the TRQ 250's amazing smoothness and superior strength.
Features of the TRQ 250 Reel For those long fishing excursions, this lightweight reel is a good choice.
This Penn reel features a machined aluminium frame, spool and side plates, all of which help to keep the weight low.
The TRQ 250 also has a double-dog anti-reverse, meaning that there are two pawls on the same anti-reverse gear.
A pawl system has more inherent strength that a one-way clutch, also called OWC, so I really do appreciate this feature on the TRQ 250.
The reel also has seven stainless steel bearings that are further shielded to help prevent corrosion.
The drag system is rated at 25 lbs.
This reel can hold 290 yards of 25 pound test line.
I also should mention the disengaging pinion with live spindle.
A disengaging pinion gear gives a reel great free spool characteristics.
With all these features, it's no wonder that the Penn TRQ 250 multiplier reel is one of my favourite pieces of sea fishing tackle.

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