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A Stop Gap Or an Urgent Necessity Insurance For a Car?

You must be planning to buy a car on rent? You don't have a policy in place? Or you may have a long term policy for some other vehicle. There is a need to drive your brother's vehicle then it would be a sensible choice to get your self covered under a short term plan. It s coverage runs from 1 to 28 days, depending on the carrier, and you are not locked into the number of days you originally select. If you need more than 28 days' coverage, you can take out a second short-term plan to cover the extra days. You don't have to be currently insured in order to qualify for one-day auto insurance.

Benefits of a tentative policy:

* Lets add more drivers under the same policy
* Allows you to plan for a vacation and drive some one else's vehicle
* Reduces the huge policy premiums of a long term
* Covers a vehicle which is driven less.

Covers even your idle vehicle in the shed which is not driven much. If not for a tentative policy, you would have paid exhorbitantly on a long term policy unnecessarily for a vehicle which is hardly driven. This is usually suitable if your spouse hardly drives and takes it only when she is on a vacation, attends parties or goes on shopping.

It can act as a beginner's policy. If you don't know to drive and are just learning it, it is an ideal policy for you. Purchase a lower rate vehicle in order to bring down the premium amount on your policy.

Make use of this short cover when your long term policy has lapsed. If you are seeking to renew your policy and do not want to stop driving till you get it renewed, you can make use of a tentative policy as a stop gap arrangement.

If you are taking a vehicle form a show room for test drive, may be on a long drive, you can still get covered under a policy for a shorter duration.

The rates of the policy may be based on the driver's age, sex and driving record too. As the driver matures and gets on the road with more experience, the insurance premium costs also reduce and come down to normal levels. Some companies also provide for no-claim bonuses for those young drivers who have no records of an accident while driving their cars during the period of the insurance coverage.

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