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How to Make Your Own Photobooth for Your Wedding

    Making Your Own Photobooth

    • 1). Hang the backdrop for your photo booth by attaching it to the wall in your reception hall, or use a portable coat rack to drape the back drop over.

    • 2). Connect a point and shoot digital camera to a tripod, and use duct tape to affix the tripod to the floor of the hall. The tape will help to keep the camera in one position and will also minimize the chance of being knocked over.

    • 3). Position a bench or stool approximately two feet from the back drop. Include props, interesting hats, feather boas or other items to encourage your guests to take some interesting pictures. Also include a chalk or dry erase board so your guests can leave messages.

    • 4). Leave instructions for the photo booth either taped to the tripod or on the bench. Set the camera to automatic and make sure there is fully charged battery and empty memory card installed in the camera.

    • 5). Have the DJ announce that there is photo booth available for pictures, encouraging them to take some photos.

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