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Do You Know These Different Styles Sofa When Buying

After decorating the new house, the next step is to buy the suitable furniture which would be placed in the house such as sofa in the drawing room. When buying sofa, most people would consider the question just like is it better to buy the European style sofa or the fashionable fabric sofa? One important factor is that in most cases when buying sofa, people would ignore the effective combination between the sofa and the whole decoration style of drawing room. However, do you know how to achieve such result to get harmonious style?

At firstly, you should clearly know the characteristics of all kinds of sofa made from different raw materials.

According to the different plus material, sofa can be divided into fabric sofa and leather sofa. On the other hands, according to the different styles, sofa can be divided into the American style sofa, the Japanese style sofa, Chinese style sofa, European sofa and so on. As for their different features, follow me to read the article below.

Chinese style sofa
As usual, the Chinese style sofa are always made from the hard wood. During the producing process, they are paid more attention on the woods natural texture and color and luster. Finally, the design of almost all the Chinese style sofa are so exquisite with the obvious Chinese style and meanwhile they are so durable with the solid structure. Nowadays, the most popular Chinese style sofa in the sofa market is generally in accordance with the traditional style and structure in the Ming dynasty and Qing dynasty.

Japanese style sofa
In short, Japanese style sofa are paid more attention on the natural factor and simple design. Based on such concept, the size of Japanese style sofa is so small with concise style. Therefore they are suitable for the home decoration with the natural and simple style. At the same time, Japanese style sofa with cleverish and rigorous style are often chose to be placed at the public place for office use.

American style sofa
The big characteristics of the American style sofa are the large scale, strong function and outstanding design. When sitting in the American style sofa, it seems that you are in the gentle embrace.

European style sofa
European style sofa can be divided into the classical style and the modern style, which have the different features. European sofa with classical style have the elegant design, beautiful curve and lacework decoration while the European sofa with modern style always have the simple line and exquisite colors.

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