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How to Change the Windows Mobile Start Menu From Icons to List

    • 1). Open a Web browser on the Windows Mobile phone and navigate to the Awesome Start page at

    • 2). Tap the "Awesome Site" link to download the CAB file to your phone.

    • 3). Open the "File Explorer" on the phone by tapping "Start" and then tapping "Programs." Tap the "File Explorer" icon. File Explorer opens.

    • 4). Navigate to the CAB file on the phone.

    • 5). Tap the CAB file icon to extract the files and install the program. A notification appears when the program is installed.

    • 6). Tap "Start," "Programs," and then tap the "Awesome Start" icon.

    • 7). Scroll to and tap "List View."

    • 8). Type the number of columns that will be used to display the Start menu and tap "OK." The Windows Mobile Start menu is changed to list view.

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