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Bluetooth Headphones Review: Nokia BH-905 High Performance Bluetooth Stereo Headphone

Of the many bluetooth headphones that claim to perform at top-notch quality, the Nokia BH-905 High Performance Bluetooth Stereo Headphone lives up to its name.  Its features make it excel in at least four important aspects.

Among the bluetooth headphones designed for use in an environment with a lot of ambient or background noise, the Nokia BH-905 High Performance Bluetooth Stereo Headphone seems to be a perfect choice.  One of its striking technological features is active noise cancellation, which a lot of other brands also feature.  Yet, everything else is technological minority when compared to how the Nokia BH-905 delivers true noise reduction.

A total of ten sensitive microphones actually is the key to the clarity of sound in this device.  Imagine 8 very tiny microphones capturing background noise and working together to cancel the noise.  And then, the two other microphones pick up the vocal sounds when you make that important call.  The result?  Crystal clear communication between you and the person on the other line.

To make voice calls more convenient for you, the bluetooth headset also provides you with simple and easy-to-distinguish control buttons for answering and ending calls, as well as for redialling a number.  As if that were not enough, the Nokia BH-905 also allows you to use your own voice to dial a number.  Just dictate the number or the contact's name into your headphone.  It's just like your voice is doing the dialling.

When it comes to music, this device features excellent middle and high ranges, although the bass range may sound somewhat insufficient to an audiophile's ears.  Yet, despite that, the Nokia BH-905 is good enough for a rich and deep sound experience.

Another interesting feature of this device is that it can be both bluetooth-powered and wire-powered.  This gives you the flexibility to go completely wireless (i.e., by using it as a bluetooth headset) or stay within tradition (i.e., by plugging in the wires).  The latter, of course, does not need you to use batteries.  This flexible feature also gives the Nokia BH-905 a much wider range for compatibility with playback devices.

The Nokia BH-905 High Performance Bluetooth Stereo Headphone may belong to the upper price range.  For some people, the price may be a little discomfort.  Yet, a lot of actual users and owners of the unit do find the price acceptable.  If you consider its cost vis-a-vis quality, you will find this device worthier of its price than other current bluetooth headphones of similar features.

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