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History Teacher Requirements - Prerequisites to a History Teaching Career

History is an important part of our society, and so are the responsibilities of a History teacher.
For those who aspire to be History teachers in the US, the requirements are similar to other subjects; one needs to have at least a bachelor degree and a teaching license.
For those who already have a bachelor degree and wants to shift to a History teaching career, most states require taking additional education units and history core subjects, which leads to master's degree.
Popular graduate courses are Masters of Art in History or in Teaching - Secondary History education.
Graduates of Anthropology or Social Sciences have an advantage when taking these graduate courses since most will have good background on History or Anthropology courses.
Post baccalaureate programs include subjects in Teaching in K through 12, US Civilization, World Civilizations and History, Research Methods, Secondary Level American History, Archaeology, Anthropology and Social Science survey.
For those who are still in college or planning to get a second degree to be a History teacher, BS in Secondary Education in Social Studies is the best choice.
It provides all the pedagogical courses up to the K12 level, plus covers all the history subjects needed.
Additionally, these programs include teaching internships or practicum hours.
After getting masters in education or BS in education for history teaching, the next step is to pass the assessment processes for licensure.
PRAXIS I,II, III, which can be taken before, during or after taking teacher training programs, are the most widely accepted standardized tests nationwide for aspiring teachers.
One must get passing marks in PRAXIS II History core exams, and then pass the PRAXIS III observation exam.
The PRAXIS III is a real teaching class assessment where education officials assess an aspiring teacher's capability to handle the subject alone.
There are also accelerated programs for teaching licenses, which may accept foreign or interstate teachers.
This accelerated teacher training includes screening tests for subject proficiency, as well as English communication proficiency.
For example, foreign teachers are required to get a valid working visa for the state he or she will teaching, and may also be required to get at least 84/120 score (like in Arizona) in TOEFL or an equivalent passing mark in IELTS.
Some states also include critical thinking tests and at least 2.
5 GPA on bachelor's degree and in consequent History teaching preparation courses.
After that, one can get a temporary approval to be a History teacher assistant, which usually can be finished in a year's time.
There are still other alternative teacher certification pathways for aspiring History teachers.
As the demand for new History teachers grow every year, new alternative processes that speed up certification are being implemented state by state.
Always check on the state education agencies, as requirements can vary per state.

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