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Reasons Why Windows Hosting is Best For You

If you're in the market for a web hosting platform, you will be faced with two options - Windows and Linux.
Whichever you choose forms the basis for a server and will be of prime importance to the way your website functions.
Linux is more popular than Windows, but now the latter occupies No.
2 position in this field.
Here are reasons why Windows hosting scores over its competitors: Windows could well be your choice, based on the fact that it is very powerful and easy to operate.
It works on Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and 2008 operating systems and has very scalable features with high security.
Windows also gives its customers a comprehensive integrated environment for developing the web so that the.
NET Framework and other allied technologies can help create dynamic applications and web pages.
Besides, its architecture has rendered this Windows hosting platform efficient enough to integrate several business functions along with the Internet.
If your website requires you to use Microsoft's products like Frontpage, then it makes sense for you to go in for Windows hosting.
Microsoft's features are so easy to use that Windows is now considered a user-friendly web hosting option.
Another reason for you to invest in Windows hosting is that its support network ranges across a number of Microsoft products and integrates with them easily too.
Now that Windows is so popular, more and more applications and technologies are being developed to be compatible with Windows.
Traditionally, Windows hosting has been more expensive than Linux because Microsoft owned the relevant proprietary software licenses.
However, now it has begun to be regarded as more pocket-friendly with a slew of plans one can choose from, depending on one's needs.
You can get a plan for less than $10 a month unless, of course, you're looking to own your personal server.
To reach out to more people, Windows has come out with what is called cheap Windows hosting.
This facility is now being offered by several companies, since it works better for them.
If you want to build your own website with Windows, choose a Windows hosting plan suited to your needs.
If your site requires you to buy Microsoft Active Server pages, opt for Windows 2000 web hosting.
This is not just reliable, but also cost-effective for both small businesses and individuals.
To date, Windows 2003 hosting is seen as the best web hosting platform from the Microsoft stable.
This Windows hosting package is considered more secure than others, besides also being faster and more reliable.
It is so designed that you get all the best application tools possible to make your site modern and interactive.
Only with these features can your site be considered successful.

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