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The Do"s and Don"ts of a Best Man Toast

If your best friend asks you to be his best man, two things come to your mind.
One, you feel honored to become such an important part in their life-changing ceremony.
Two, panic.
Panic because you will have to do speak in front of an audience and deliver a best man toast.
Not only will you speak in front of a crowd, you are expected to fulfill the following: oSay something relevant about the ceremony oSay something relevant about the groom oSay something relevant about the bride oTouch the crowd's heart.
oNot to make a fool out of yourself.
In making a best man toast or speech, here are some do's and don'ts that you have to take note.
Do include what you know about the groom, the bride and them as a couple.
Do not include confidential details like, when they first made love (if you happen to know this) or how they already have a joint financial account as that is not an ample topic in best man speeches.
Do not forget about the bride as most best man speeches seem to revolve around the groom.
Do try to make your speech interesting by inserting a joke or two.
Do not make green jokes! Make your speech kid-friendly and of course, grandparent-friendly.
Do not make jokes at the expense of the bride or the groom.
It may be funny that she used to have upper lip hair but that is not something that you want to make fun of on her special day.
Do write down a summary of your best man toast on an index card or a small sheet of paper that you can fit in your pocket.
Do not just read what you wrote.
You can, maybe, glance at it every now and then but do not glue your eyeball on the cheat sheet.
It's a speech, not a reading session.
Do thank the people who made the event possible.
Do not get the names wrong.
Especially of the bride and groom! Do loosen yourself up a little before the speech.
Have a glass of wine or do some breathing exercises in the wash room.
Do not get drunk before the speech.
Do include a short story in the speech.
A tangible event is very helpful in speeches.
Do not make the toast run longer than 5 minutes! Do make the toast as enjoyable as possible.
No one likes a boring speech.
It just makes you want to eat more and not listen.
Do not upstage the bride and the groom.
You can make your speech interesting but that does not mean that you can steal the show.
That's it! With that you should well on your way to a dynamite speech.

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