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Internet Marketing Secrets - How to Make MORE by Doing Less, a Lot Less!

One of the big secrets of Internet marketing success is to find the activities that are producing the most returns for you, and then spend more time on those activities.
In the beginning of your business, you are only concerned with making profits.
It might not matter that you're working a lot for that money.
But there will come a point where you will have to quantify how much your work is worth per hour (divide your income with the hours you worked).
Once you have defined how much each hour of work is worth to you, then you will want to find ways to increase your value per hour.
The best way to do that is to evaluate your marketing activities.
What activities are you concentrating on now? Are you spending enough time on marketing activities that bring results? For example, I spend about an hour a day writing articles.
I know one article is worth at least $20 to me over a lifetime.
And I only take about 20 minutes to write an article.
That means if I spend an hour writing 3 articles, the average value of that hour of work is $60.
Taking these numbers, I can also outsource my article writing as I have done.
This is because I know I can spend less than $20 on an article and still make profits.
These days, I outsource articles for $3 to $5.
What does this mean? It means every time a freelancer writes an article for me I make $15 to $17 in profits.
So find out which activities are bringing the most bang for your buck, and then concentrate on those activities.

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