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Where Are My Friends? I Need Help Planning My Wedding

Planning your own outdoor wedding? Depending on your friends? Planning an outdoor wedding or any wedding is a taxing endeavor.
I have a few tips for you in planning and seeking the help of friends.
To begin get your pen and pad.
I have been taught by my coach a pencil is better and it really is.
I know you are thinking what a pencil, I have out grown that phase of my life, be assured with a pencil you can erase and understand later versus numerous strike outs and wasted time trying to interpret your writing.
Okay now you are ready.
You will be making four (4) lists.
List number one is your wedding, broken down into approximate hours to accomplish each item.
  1. Colors - What are your favorite colors? Not just the colors you like, but the colors that gives you energy, that energy vibrates through you as your glow brightens the room, choose three colors.
    Approximately one week, you will change several times.
  2. Venue- An outdoor wedding really requires details, location, noise, surrounding environment, landscaping, what questions to ask.
    For this you may need the help of an outdoor wedding planner.
    You should look at two to four locations each taking approximately one- four hours.
  3. Cake- You will need to do a taste testing, choose your style one bakery may do approximately one hour.
  4. Bridesmaids- Be sure to choose wisely and discuss your choice with your fiancé, approximately two hours.
    Yes that long you will be surprise as to how many friends you promised and you forgot about relatives and your fiancés relatives looking to be in the wedding.
    You can however have them to be a singer, organize a dance at the reception, add another hour or three to this task.
  5. Florist- Know your flowers and colors- approximately five hours.
  6. Bridesmaids gowns- Oh boy, time, time.
    Choose a style for the body of all your bridesmaids; it is your day but everyone wants to look and feel beautiful.
    Everyone will need to do a fitting.
    Approximate time eight hours.
  7. Shoes- Color and style, approximate three to five hours.
  8. Jewelry- Yes everyone should have matching jewelry.
    Approximate time two-four hours.
  9. Wedding favorites- This is fun but the choices are large, approximately one hour.
  10. Reception- If you are having your wedding and reception at the same location you can eliminate this step, if not let's get to viewing two to four locations each approximately one- four hours.
    Ask questions have a list of your specifics; again a wedding planner can help you.
  11. Food- Your menu buffet or dinner? You will do another tasting, approximately one to three hours.
  12. Photographer- approximate time is two-eight hours
  13. Musician- DJ or string maybe both, time consumption four to eight hours.
  14. Wedding Rehearsal Dinner- venue and menu, time two to four hours.
This list is just to get you started in planning, with each listing do not forget your budget.
List number two will require in depth thinking; this is the list of your friends.
The friends you can count on to accomplish a task, in a timely manner; communicate with you as agreed.
You want the friends who will be there for you, planning a wedding can be time consuming and frustrating.
List number three begin your delegation, you will for certain need that pencil for this list.
List number four, set up a meeting with each friend, better yet, invite everyone over because you may need to re delegate and possibly remove some friends.
Should the stress and headache become over whelming hire a wedding planner.
These are only a few tips to begin your wedding planning.

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