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Kill Mold in Carpet

So you are suffering from carpet molds otherwise you would not have opened this page! Mold in carpets often takes a bigger shape.
Being fibrous and porous, carpets lock moisture for long and nurture the right conditions for mold and mildew to grow and multiply.
Tell any of your friends or acquaintances that you have mold in carpet and what to do next to get rid of them; most people would answer 'replace the carpet'.
Others may suggest you using bleach to kill mold in carpet.
Basically both the options are similar.
If you use bleach to kill carpet molds, chances are the carpet won't be in a good or presentable condition any more.
Hence, you lose your favorite carpet.
Isn't there any option to save carpet from molds or kill carpet molds? Yes there is.
By applying certain preventive methods and using effective mold cleaning products, you can prevent mold and kill mold.
Let's learn how to protect carpets from mold attack; then we will see how to kill carpet molds.
Prevent carpet mold: If you have black mold in carpet, chances are you failed to keep your carpet dry.
Or, you could not control humidity inside your home.
Water damage is quite common with carpets.
Several sources can dampen your carpets.
Identify the main sources of moisture so that you can take the right steps to keep your carpets dry.
Leaky roofs, overflowing kitchen sink, improper carpet washing or floor cleaning that leaves the carpet wet for long, poor housekeeping and many other accidental cases can moisten your carpets.
A single drop of water spreads along the fibers of the carpets very fast.
As a result, a wide area of the carpet gets damp quickly.
To keep the carpets dry, repair the leaks or the drainage problem that makes your kitchen sink overflow.
If water falls on carpets accidentally, make sure it is dried off as soon as possible.
Pets often wet the carpets.
Train your pets so that they do not spoil the carpets.
And if they do it on carpets, use pet urine removal products to clean the place.
So as soon as you get any nasty odor and if you have pets in your home, inspect your carpets carefully.
High humidity often makes your carpets damp.
Use dehumidifier to control in-house humidity.
Keep your home well ventilated; keep the carpets clean.
Kill mold in carpet: To kill carpet molds, you need to find out the exact location of mold infestation in the carpets.
Extensive mold infection should be treated with proper care; you may need to seek advice from experts to know how to tackle the problem.
Huge mold growth inside house is not at all healthy; children and those with weak immune system may suffer a lot when exposed to black mold and mildews.
Having mold inspection done, clean your carpet with organic mold remover or spray based natural mold cleaning products.
Natural products do not have any side effects and kill molds completely.
When you clean molds, make sure the carpets and surrounding places are dry and entire place is well ventilated.
Also wear biohazard protection suit to avoid cleaning time mold exposure.

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