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Five Ways to Know When You Are Favored by God

The favor of God is worth more than 10 years of sweating and labor.
It can be simply defined as the unmerited goodness of God upon the life of an individual.
What you do not deserve is expressly given to you on a platter of gold.
It is one of the most remarkable things that can happen to an individual on planet earth.
How do we know when we are favored of God? There are numerous signs or indicators that can be seen in the life of an individual who is enjoying the unmerited goodness of God.
Just like pregnancy which cannot be hidden, it will definitely be clear to all that such a person is enjoying the express grace of God.
Rapid promotion When Joseph had a dream about becoming the head over all the other brethren, he never realized what his dream would eventually cost him.
After much joy and happiness over the revelation he received from God, he soon found himself in a pit prepared for slavery.
He landed in a strange land where the desire to live a holy life made him to be thrown into prison.
Right there in prison, he found uncommon grace in the sight of the prison keeper.
He soon left prison to become the second highest personality in the land of Egypt.
His rapid promotion is traceable to the wonderful grace upon his life.
Men will show you favor One of the signs that God has marked you out for his abundant mercy is the fact that men will favor you for good.
People will begin to show you mercy without any scientific or human explanation.
It is so complicated and strange to explain how this phenomenon operates, but the signs are ominous and clear for all to see.
Things will begin to work together for your good A fellow who had been jobless for more than 6 years once saw an advert in a newspaper and decided to apply for the job.
It was a vacancy for management trainees in an oil servicing company based in Port Harcourt Rivers State Southern Nigeria.
When the list of short listed candidates to undergo an Aptitude test eventually came out, his name was among.
He went to write the test and eventually got the plum job.
Few months later, he confessed how one of the company executives he never knew from Adam assisted him to get the job.
It was the recommendation from the company executive that swayed the job in his favor.
How can one explain such remarkable transformation from a life of frustration to that of joy and abundance? There are several ways to attract this wonderful virtue upon our life.
One of such ways is to continuously live a life that pleases God.
Secondly, show kindness and mercy to others when the opportunity to do so shows up.
Finally, pray to God to always.
When God decides to shine his face upon you, lines shall begin to fall in pleasant places on your behalf.

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