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How Do I Hang Things on Brick Walls?

    • 1). Purchase a carbide-tipped 3/16- or 5/16-inch drill bit, readily available at most hardware stores and home improvement centers. While there, also purchase masonry picture hooks, which generally come in two pieces: an anchor and a screw with an attached hook.

    • 2). Attach the bit securely to your drill and select the position to hang your item. Drill the hole into a mortar joint rather than the brick itself, as the mortar is generally softer and easier to work with. Mortar also can be more easily repaired if you remove the item from the wall.

    • 3). Drill the hole to a depth slightly longer than the anchor. Insert the plastic or metal anchor into the hole.
      Use a hammer to tap the anchors into place, then screw a picture hook into the hole. As you begin tightening the screw into the anchor, the anchor expands and wedges the unit tightly into the hole. Once the hook is tightened, ensure it will hold the weight of a picture or other item.

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