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How Pinterest Is Changing the Travel Industry

Pinterest, the pin board-style photo-sharing website that allows users to create and manage theme-based image collections such as events, interests, and hobbies, has reached 25 million users. Travel has been identified the top 10 most popular category on Pinterest.

Due to the fact that photos tend to evoke and have an inspirational component, Pinterest has taken travel planning to a whole new level. Pinterest is shifting a change in travel planning in several ways:

Travel Inspiration: Users can build travel-inspired boards of their "Travel Bucketlists." Pinners can browse through millions of landmarks, hotels, activities and travel destinations to create their dream vacations. Travelers who don't know where to start their search can browse themed boards such as: Action Adventures, Italty Inspired, Summertime Hot Spots, Cruising California, or Europe in 30 Days.
Real Views and Reviews: Ever been somewhere that looked amazing in a commercial but was not the same thing when you got there? The beaches weren't really turquoise blue, and the food was subpar rather than 5-Star. Now, if you really want to see how the beaches in Italy really are, you can browse real, user-generated pictures. You can find first hand photos from the real view of your hotel room, a meal at a local restaurant or local activities.
Industry Organizations: Hotels, Resorts, Travel Planners and Restaurants have found their social media niche. The travel industry can benefit from having a presence on Pinterest. Travel tips, hotel reviews, discounts, weather and travel advice, give travel organizations an opportunity to create credibility and expertise with users.
As a vast, sharing site with a unique, image-based pin board style, Pinterest's strong use of imagery makes the social media site a powerful, fun-filled, travel planning tool. Because it is a visual medium Pinterest addresses a broader audience than Twitter or Facebook. One of the advantages of Pinterest compared to other social platforms is that language is not essential, which offers a wider reach.

If you are looking for some travel inspiration of your own for a trip for employee or customer incentives or for leisure, check out a few of JNR's Travel Boards that includes images of great destinations such as: picturesque Prague, Kenyan adventures, making memories in Maui, Costa Rican call of the wild, JNR goes to China, The Best of Bermuda and the Big Island Hawaii:

Pinterest can be an extremely valuable resource for travel organizations looking to increase their exposure, brand awareness, and perception. Although a website primarily utilized for fun, Pinterest can allow your company to demonstrate that they are experts and gain the trust of potential customers. I highly recommend utilizing this free tool to market your company and share experiences from around the world for all to see!

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