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How to Get Games on Your Phone for GameBoid

    With Your Android Phone

    • 1). Tap the "Market" app on your home screen or in the application drawer.

    • 2). Tap the "Search" button and type "Gameboy Roms." There are many apps that will help you download games; pick a highly reviewed option and tap to "Purchase" or "Install."

    • 3). Open your new app and hit the Android "menu" button to choose the directory where Gameboy ROMs will be downloaded. Browse and download your favorite games.

    • 4). Open GameBoid and navigate to the directory where games are installed on your SD card.

    • 5). Tap one of your games to open it in the GameBoid emulator.

    On Your PC

    • 1). Navigate to one of the sites in Resources where you can download Gameboy Advance games.

    • 2). Download your favorite games.

    • 3). Connect your Android phone to your computer with a USB cable swipe down the notification bar. Tap "Select to copy files to/from your computer."

    • 4). Open the directory of your downloaded games and drag and drop them to the USB drive of your phone.

    • 5). Swipe down the notifications bar on your phone and select the option to "Unmount" your phone as a USB drive. Disconnect your phone from your computer and open GameBoid. Navigate to the directory on your SD card and choose which game to play.

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