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Twitter Takes Center Stage

As you may have noticed by now, Twitter is taking center stage at this time.
Loads of excitement and energy on this social media phenomenon.
Twitter has been in the spotlight for the last 12 months or so but over the last 6 months this tool has really picked up some swift momentum and taken social media to whole new level.
However, is this all just a fad? Is it only for the next few months until something else comes along? Is it worth all the noise, pomp and ceremony? All indicators point in the direct of the noise being well warranted Social media is here to stay.
Nothing is going to change that anymore.
The wheels are in motion and no one can stop that now, nor does anyone wish to do so! Facebook, Myspace and Twitter have revolutionized the way people connect and interact and do business today.
In February 2008, 4 million people updated their Facebook status daily.
In Feb 2009, that number has risen to 15 million! A whopping growth of close to 400%! The mechanism of social media can only get better oiled, more efficient and effective from here on On a business level; social media has made it possible for the ordinary average entrepreneur to connect with people from every country, every continent across the world in a manner that is unprecedented! And what an incredible time it is for marketers.
Big things are happening across the world in terms of business and marketing; and the smallest of entrepreneurs get to participate.
The big companies like Dell are already utilizing social media as a solid part of their marketing efforts But the fact that small businesses and online businesses can get a piece of this pie is really cause for great excitement.
Finally it's not only the big boys who get to bring in the big bucks! Now the playing field is beginning to level out and with some savvy marketing; entrepreneurs can hone their skills, really take charge of their business online and offline and raise their profit margins and overall profits In the world of internet marketing not all is smooth.
Of course there still are some plays which not everyone can partake as pointed out by one of my students today.
The big boys promote the other big boys' stuff.
And they each promote the other's stuff - especially the big ticket items, and sometimes you get that feeling of how small you are in this huge online marketing game Don't despair! That's just the nature of the beast! Your turn will come.
No one is born with marketing knowledge! Especially in a fast changing marketing environment these techniques and strategies have to be learned and mastered gradually.
But the winning edge is sharpened knowing you can do this, you too can play in the big leagues soon So yes, today you may not have all the skills to be an online guru like Mike Dillard or a Mike Filsaime BUT you do have what it takes to be 'like Mike' ;) And don't start comparing yourself with these guys, and get all down and out on yourself The key really is to become a better you - everyday, every week, every month and every year.
If you beat your last 6 months average then you are playing the game.
Getting better everyday is not as easy as it sounds however.
Many lack the discipline to get better and blame others for their lack of success constantly.
Many try for 2 or 3 months and expect to be a marketing whiz.
When that doesn't happen, they go back to their old habit of blaming and becoming all sour with the world! If you blame someone or others for your lack of success, the chances of people following your lead and joining you, is zero! No one wants to follow a cry baby.
People want to follow those who know where they are going and who make things work! So today, raise you chin up and strive for greatness.
Don't expect to become a marketing guru overnight but do expect to get better everyday and sharpen your skills Social media has take front and center stage because of the ease of communication and the ease of crossing land and sea with the strike of the keys on a keyboard.
When used with discretion, proper etiquette and savvy marketing tactics - social media can really ignite into a raging fire in your business! So don't hesitate to jump in and experiment.
And a word of caution: your time is valuable, don't just sit there and chatter for hours.
And it is very easy to get caught up in all the tweeting.
Allocate let's say...
1 hour for social media time per day and that's it.
You should be working your marketing from several angles, each with time limitations for the day.
This way you use your time with great efficiency and effectiveness.
And as such, maximize your productivity and results.
Time is of the essence, let's giddy up...

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