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Newsletter Suggestions and Tips

    Make Them Look Forward to It

    • As is the case with direct mail pieces, the less frequently you send a newsletter to your recipients, the less likely they will want to discard it unread. If they feel bothered by the frequency of your messages, they will be more likely to unsubscribe. A monthly or bi-monthly update is fine for most purposes. Condense your news items for the month into one installment rather than four weekly installments.The exception would be if this is a newsletter that updates enthusiasts on a constantly changing subject like technology or research--they would most likely appreciate an update as soon as the news is released. But if you are the author of a newsletter on something like makeup trends, a monthly summary will be sufficient. Pick your top five to seven stories to feature for a one-page email newsletter; if there are more, provide a list of links to those stories at the end of the newsletter.

    Use "Read More" Links

    • If you are sending an email newsletter, do not publish the contents of the entire story within your email. Include the first three or four sentences and then provide a "Read More" link at the end of each segment that sends the reader to your website to read the rest. This will give you more room to fit your various news items and also direct them to your site where they can sign up for more information, purchase related products, or participate in your discussions.

      You can use a similar format for a printed newsletter. Summarize your most compelling stories on the front page of the newsletter and provide a reference to the page number where readers can learn more.

    Use Photos

    • Some newsletter authors make the mistake of posting text-only content. Pictures complement the text, tell a story, and help direct the recipient to articles of interest. Purchase high-quality royalty-free images for your newsletter that are related to the textual content and include them throughout the piece. Again, this applies for both email and printed newsletters.

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