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How to Use Leapfrog on Helium

    • 1). Log in to the Helium web site with your username and password.

    • 2). Click on the "My Helium" button in white letters at the top of the page in the red stripe.

    • 3). Click on the"My Articles" link on the left hand side list.

    • 4). Choose which article you want to Leapfrog. Click on the "Show Article Options" link in blue. This will open up some more information. Click on the blue "Leapfrog" link.

    • 5). Open up Microsoft word or similar program. Open up a new document. Cut and paste the original article onto your new document.

    • 6). Edit your article. Keep your spell check turned on because Helium's spell check function no longer works. When you are satisfied with it, copy the article to your clipboard.

    • 7). Go back to Helium's Leapfrog text box, and click "Clear Body Text" link. A window will come up asking if you mean to erase the original article. Click "OK".

    • 8). In the now blank text box, right-click your mouse and then click "copy". This puts your edited article from your clipboard into the text box.

    • 9). Click the user agreement and any three-letter verification code (if necessary), and hit the green "Submit" button.

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