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How Does the Art of Seduction Work? Is There Such a Thing

Since the beginning of time there have been guys who get all the women and then there are guys who get none, and these poor fellows wonder what is wrong with them.
Actually what makes matters worse, is that girls are attracted towards men who are jerks, and the nice guy never gets laid.
Women, when they are older and wiser do indeed go for the "nice guy" rather than the "jerk" because by that time they know better.
But that doesn't help the nice guy when he wants to get laid as much as the jerk living next door to him does.
So what is it that these "jerks" have that "nice guys" don't? Its a discipline also known as the art of seduction.
These men who know this secret exploit it beyond belief and those who don't stand in line and watch.
Seducing a girl starts at a psychological level rather than physical, and its all about being a person who girls crave for rather than being a person who craves for them.
This goes without saying, these men are confident, and this confidence drips through their body language and separates them from the crowd, and what more could a woman want than a man who stand out from the crowd.
Once you have that level of confidence, it shows, and it accumulates over time, that's why guys who are good at getting girls keep getting them, because it builds up their charisma.
Therefore its better sometimes to be a jerk around woman even though you are a nice guy from the inside.

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