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How to Repair Sunglasses Stems

    • 1). Review your warranty, if any. If you have prescription sunglasses or other expensive sunglasses, check the warranty. In some cases, any repairs might be included, meaning that you can take the sunglasses back to the place of purchase for repairs. In those cases, any repairs you make could void the warranty, so be sure that you double-check before beginning any of your own repairs.

    • 2). Purchase necessary supplies. Before starting the repair of your sunglasses stems, make sure that you have all supplies on hand. You don't want to have to stop halfway through to grab an item, especially when you're dealing with glue.

    • 3). Glue the stem back in place. Apply a few drops of Super Glue to the end of your toothpick, then press the toothpick to one side of the broken piece to apply the Super Glue to the sunglasses stem. Placing more Super Glue on the toothpick, apply that to the other broken piece.

    • 4). Press the broken pieces together. When both pieces of the broken stem have been saturated with Super Glue, press them together.

    • 5). Hold the stem pieces together as tightly as possible for at least one minute.

    • 6). Release your hold and wipe away any remaining glue with a paper towel.

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