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Email Marketing Foundation - How To Build A Successful And Profitable List

If you want to succeed online, you need to have a list. This is the basic foundation of Internet Marketing. Most people know this. A common phrase that aspiring online entrepreneurs will hear time and time again is without a list, you won't make any cash. While this is extreme there is a nugget of truth in there. To make money, e-mail really is the best way to generate a profit. Sure you'll make a few sales through your website but you'll make more through the emails that you send out. There is actually a lot more to e-mail marketing than broadcasting an e-mail asking people to buy something from you.

Building a list begins with collecting e-mail addresses that subscribers have given you permission to have. It's not just about having an opt in box. The problem lies in the fact that anyone can enter an e-mail in the box that may not belong to them. To avoid any problems, and prevent anyone from labeling you as a spammer, confirmation e-mails must be sent out to those that subscribe. Once this is sent out, and they confirm, you cannot be accused of sending unwanted e-mails. The confirmation guarantees that they actually want to hear from you from time to time.

Run a test on all of the emails you write before you send them. The easiest way to do this is to simply send it to yourself and maybe to a few trusted individuals. This is how, if you are sending out HTML based emails, that there are no holes in your code and that your chosen graphics look correct. It's common for email to be displayed differently depending on which ISP is processing it. So, before you hit send on your emails, make sure that you actually approve of their appearances. You won't be able to experience the email the same way your recipients do if you don't send it to yourself.

Work as hard as you are able to to get your list to trust you and then work as hard as you are able to keep the trust that you have been given. It's easiest to do this by promoting the things that you know have earned the right to be promoted. Before you recommend anything to your list, test it out yourself. After all, would you recommend a product to your best friend before you know for sure that it is as great as the hype says it is? No you wouldn't. Then why would you even think of attempting it on your list? The fastest way to kill the faith of your list and to alienate your opt-ins is to recommend or sell a product you know isn't worth it. It is almost impossible to regain the trust of an opt-in list that you have deceived in the past. There are many things to consider when trying to make the foundation of your e-mail marketing campaigns solid and profitable. If you want to be successful with e-mail marketing, building a strong foundation with a lot of up integral support, is key to your success. Without a good foundation, it's highly likely that the emails you send aren't really going to get you anywhere. Quality of your list, and how responsive it is, has a lot to do with your foundation. Use the tips in this article to start building your foundation strong today.

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