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Six Pack Abs Diet - The Perfect Diet For the Perfect Abs

A six pack abs diet is essential if you ever want to see yourself with rock hard abs.
In fact, a diet is possibly the main reason as to why many people will never be able to obtain a ripped six pack.
No amount of hard training will ever make up for a poor diet.
However, if you follow a six pack abs diet and combine it with a form of high intensity cardio, obtaining rock hard abs will soon be a reality.
There are a few things to know about a diet for six pack abs: * It is important to note that eating fats will not make you fat! Eating healthy fats from the right types of foods is crucial to maintaining a healthy body.
Such healthy fats include fish, steak, nuts, olive oil and natural peanut butter.
* Avoid any type of starvation diet or diets that cut out an entire food group (protein, carbs or fat).
These types of diets are very unhealthy and will always fail.
* Lean protein is key in creating a six pack abs diet.
It is important to have some source of protein at every meal.
Optimally, you should aim for somewhere around one gram of protein per pound of body weight every day.
For example, a 190-pound person should consume 190 grams of protein daily.
* Drink a lot of water.
1 to 1.
5 gallons of water each day will immensely help you reach your goals.
* It is beneficial to break up your meals and spread them out throughout the day.
This should set you at 5 to 6 small meals each day.

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