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Slow Carb Diet

Vegetables taste better, but are a low-calorie, bulky food. You cant remain full all day on absolutely nothing but lettuce. Beans get old. Ill typically toss a few spoonfuls of salsa to alter the taste. When I cook lentils, occasionally, Ill cook it in beef broth with fried onions and garlic to create a tasty change.

For dinner, I have whatever vegetables we are cooking for the kids, a scoop of beans, as well as a protein that normally isnt cooked for the family.

The protein source varies based on whatever was on sale when we went grocery shopping. It can be steak, chicken, or anything else. This week, we bought 16 chicken drumsticks. We spread them out on a cookie sheet and seasoned them 3 distinct techniques, just for variety. Some got garlic salt, some got Italian seasoning, and some got a Greek rub. After an hour in a 350 degree oven, we had a delicious meal.

If I really feel a need for a snack, or a craving for sweets, I just take a spoonful of peanut butter. It helps.I received an e-mail recently, asking what kinds of points are you consuming to ensure that you dont go bat-**** crazy?

1st, some background.

On January 2, 2011, I began Tim Ferrisss Slow Carb Diet and, as of 2/18/2011, I have lost 30 pounds. The 1st 11 or so were water weight, but Ive still been losing 4-5 pounds per week. This dies has a fewbut only a fewrules.

Eat nothing white. That means no sugar(such as fructose), no flour, no potatoes, no rice(even brown), and no milk(or any dairy). Beer is white.
Breakfast is high-protein.
Cheat day when a week. On cheat day, you can find no rules right after breakfast.
Meals should consist of 40% protein, 30% vegetables and 30% legumes(beans or lentils).
In the event you get hungry between meals, you didnt eat enough at the last meal.
Thats it. The rules are basic and dont call for that I refer back to the book for anything.

Here can be a typical day for me on this diet:

For breakfast most mornings, I've three eggs and 2-3 sausage links. I bought brown-and-serve sausages so this takes 10 minutes to cook inside the morning.

On the strategy to function, I've a diet soda if we have any in the home. If not, I skip it. I like pop, but Ive broken my caffeine addiction fully.

For lunch, I will either have leftovers from the night before or some stir-fry with beans and whatever protein is convenient. Ive been keeping pre-cooked brats(wurst, not kid) or polish sausages as a convenience food.

Numerous times a week, I make some stir-fry. I use a basic, flexible recipe.

Chop whatever vegetables are on hand. We typically have onions, broccoli, a variety of peppers, and mushrooms. If I've celery, asparagus, or almost any other vegetable. Lettuce works poorly in a stir-fry.
Put some oil in a hot pan. I prefer sesame oil, but Im not picky. Ill use whatever oil we have on hand.
Cook the vegetables, stirring continually. Cook them inside the order of how lengthy they take to cook.

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