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Job Description for EMR

    Job Description

    • EMRs are in charge of maintaining records and databases at hospitals and care facilities. These databases hold patient information and medical history. Attention to detail is of the utmost importance in this field.

    Education and Training

    • Most EMRs are required to have an associate's degree. EMRs who have taken health information technology and medical terminology classes have a higher chance of finding a job. EMRs are also given training on the job.


    • EMRs need to have good communication skills and the ability to understand medical terminology.


    • EMRs will spend most of their time analyzing data, communicating with doctors about patient care and researching past patient care.

    Work Conditions

    • EMRs work in hospitals and spend long periods standing. The average work week for an EMR is generally no longer than 40 hours. However, since most hospitals are open on weekends and at night, those shifts are often required.

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