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Add A Contemporary Touch To Your Beach House

A beach home has such a distinct look and feel, that's part of what gives the home it's charm. But if you don't like the traditional look often found in this style of home it is easy to add a few modern or contemporary touches that can blend the best of these worlds into one.

Contemporary design has a focus on simplicity and clean lines. This can work really well when incorporated with the casual nature of coastal theme decor.

Creating A Color Scheme

Painting walls with color is very popular these days, but the color you choose can really set the tone for your home. To create a contemporary coastal feel you may want to choose lighter colors like white, butter yellow, tan, soft blue or a light green with white base boards. If you don't like the idea of too much color you can simply paint an accent wall and leave the rest white. These lighter colors create a light, breezy feel that blends perfectly with the beach. They also go well with modern brushed nickel fixtures or frosted glass.


Choose simple furniture with neutral or light fabric like white, tan or gray. Use accent pillows to add a splash of color. Light colored wood like ash or bamboo, white or glass work well to add a modern touch, as do square and rectangular shaped tables.

Walls & Decor

As with the rest of the design keep this simple. Don't clutter the walls with pictures or trinkets, instead go with a few simple pictures that blend with the overall theme and color scheme. Use light wood, white, silver simple style frames. Maybe add a few simple white shelves with a candle or picture. Add enough personal affects to make it feel like home, but not so much it starts to feel messy.

Light Fixtures

Lighting is an important design element so don't overlook this. You will want a few different types of lights for different purposes and to create different looks. For the wall and ceiling lights consider modern nautical light fixtures. There are some really nice contemporary fixtures that are a modern take on vintage ship lights like a bulkhead. They offer a nautical feel with a modern twist. You will also want a few basic table or accent lamps. Find something that matches the color and feel of the rest of the design; consider glass or light colored bases and lamps with a generally clean design.

When it comes to adding a modern touch to your beach house keep in mind this is your home and you need to find the right blend between what feels right in the home and most importantly what feels best to you. Whether you choose to go very modern or just add a few touches it is all about what you like best.

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