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Honesty and Integrity in Network Marketing Recruiting

True network marketing success is contingent upon you caring.  Caring enough to do the very best, do the painful things and never fail those that rely on you.

I am not talking about being a poser and pretending that you have the integrity to do all of the right things to make your network marketing business a success.  I am talking about a deep, abiding conviction to care.  I am talking about committing every fiber of your being to the integrity of your business.

This is going to require you to do your best thinking and feeling.  You are going to have to act with passion and excellence.  You are going to have to be true to yourself.

Recruiting In Network Marketing

When you are recruiting a team for your business you need to make sure that you act honorably in all that you do.  You have to make sure that you fairly and accurately represent your opportunity.  Too many times network marketing recruiters give their prospects unreal expectations of income that can lead them to making a decision that is not in alignment with who they are and what they can afford to do.

To insure that you experience true success in your network marketing business, you have got to faithfully discharge this duty of honesty.  As human beings we owe this to each other.

Failure To See Our Weaknesses and Failings

Because we are fallible human beings, we often protect ourselves from seeing our weaknesses and failings.  This can limit us in the success that we are seeking to achieve in our lives and in our businesses.

When a difficult situation such as having to forgo bringing a prospect into our business calls to us, we have to make a decision.  We have to answer the question of what type of person we are.  This is a calling to see your true self.  Are you being the professional network marketer or are you simply looking to fill a quota that you have set by bringing this person into your opportunity?

Perception and perspective can work for you or against you.  Since you don't want to appear to be a person who will shrink from doing the hard stuff you tell your subconscious to not show you the painful decisions that you are being called to make in your recruiting efforts for your network marketing business.  By doing this you get to pretend that you wouldn't fail to act under trying conditions.

See Reality When Recruiting For Your Network Marketing Business

A true network marketing professional allows themselves to see the reality of the situation.  Make the choice to not see a self serving view of your opportunity or your prospect's chances of attaining success.  Some people are just not cut out for our type of business.

Tell your subconscious to show you the painful truth.  Make it a daily challenge to discover unwelcome truths that you may be hiding from as you strive to attain success.

Personal integrity is found in honorable actions.  When we take no action, because we feel that it is not conducive to us achieving our goals, integrity dies.

Do the right thing in your network marketing recruiting.  It's that simple and it's that complex.

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