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Carhartt Workwear: European Workwear Expansion

During the 1980's there was a distinct new purveyor of Carhartt workwear, some new adopters had begun to wear Carhartt workwear for different reasons other than what the garments were typically made for.
Clockers and graffiti artists had taken Carhartt to the streets.
The philosophies of Carhartt, regarding durability warmth and comfort were adopted by those new wearers.
It made a lot of sense, the fact these clockers, sprayers and skaters were spending lots of time outside where they needed to keep warm while "working".
Couple this with the fact that these people were often carrying lots of equipment meant that a durable, comfortable and hard wearing garment was an ideal choice.
Because these first adopters were held in high regard by the impressionable youth of the day it made market proliferation easier and is a well-worn path with other clothing giants like Nike or Adidas.
A popular Carhartt workwear choice was the parka coats like the Carhartt Siberian parka.
After this style was taking over the street it was quickly picked up by rap starts and hip hop artists this look slowly became synonymous with the urban subcultures and the music associated with it.
Carhartt workwear's main focus was and is providing the highest quality workwear for the workers, while Carhartt was expanding this program in Europe, Asia and Australia, Work in Progress became a dedicated wing tasked with producing the garments for the subculture.
Carhartt had a very limited presence in Europe prior to 1994, if you wanted to buy a Carhartt workwear garment you had to search low and high for an importer.
There were literally a handful of companies that could provide the garments.
Work in Progress changed this by introducing a working distribution set-up in Europe which was charged with bringing the original workwear ranges to a new territory.
Like any new expansion there were unforeseen issues as well as issues that needed addressing from the beginning.
With the new Work in Progress set-up operating Carhartt concluded that the original workwear garments were not designed to fit the typical European wearer.
The Carhartt workwear garments were often wider and on occasion a lot shorter in the sleeves for Europeans.
Carhartt didn't want to be in a position that would limit their exposure to a few select items.
Carhartt de-centralised the decision making for the European markets in order to manufacture workwear that was specific.
The same brand ethos of great quality durability and comfort were still at the forefront but now they had the ability to change the cuts and lengths of trousers and jackets.
By 1997 Carhartt workwear and Work In Progress presented the first Carhartt workwear range exclusively for the European market.
Work In Progress under strict license from Carhartt carefully adapted and re-worked the original designs.
Throughout the interceding years' Work in Progress had developed the products firstly for the active users in urban sports and then later on Positioning Carhartt Workwear as the largest streetwear brand in Europe.
  Work in Progress has since its inception, worked closely with Carhartt to cultivate the European Skateboarding and BMX scene.
The fact the Carhartt workwear has been adopted by the traditionally un-corruptible brigade of youth who would shun the corporate marketing is down to the fact they engaged with these causes with an honest and forthright attitude.
The fact most companies look to exploit the "cool" kids for the companies gain was put to one side as Work In Progress embedded and gained respect even from the most hardened skaters or BMX riders out there.
Carhartt Workwear through Work in Progress support many BMX and skating events throughout Europe actually organising some.
The local support of events helps develop skating and BMX participants.
Carhartt have developed skate parks and BMX tracks that will help the new generation of super stars to rise up for world domination all kitted out in Carhartt Workwear.

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