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The Holistic Caribbean

The secret is out, almost everyone knows this from ages ago that the Caribbean is one of the best places to lead a holistic life.
There are many natural therapeutic attractions and places in the Caribbean.
Dominica is known for its wonders with steaming valleys, and the world's 2nd largestboiling lake along with 365 rivers rushing to the ocean.
Lucia has some magnificent waterfalls with oxygen-rich waters which can reduce stress, improve breathing and revitalize your body.
You may also recall that Montego Bay's claim to fame is from the therapeutic Doctors' Cave Beach which had done wonders.
In the 1920's, Sir Herbert Barker an English osteopath, visited the beach and was impressed by the curative powers of the waters.
He then wrote an article on his experience which catapults the beach and Montego Bay to its glory.
The list is very long, but it is safe to say that most of the islands do have a natural resource that is believed to have some healing property.
The fruits and vegetables available in the Caribbean have contributed significantly to the longevity of the people.
From the farm directly to the table is in true effect.
Many of these islands are quite small and so distribution from the farms to the supermarket is quite fast due to the short distance.
The climatic conditions also allow one to have many fruit trees that produce without the aid of any synthetic fertilizers or other harmful chemicals.
The slower pace lifestyle in tranquility does wonders for the mind, body and soul.
To have a holistic lifestyle a peace of mind is very important.
The Caribbean tends to give this peace of mind because of the simple lifestyle that one can lead and still be comfortable.
The warm climate all year round, the sweet sounds of birds chirping in the mornings can't be under estimated.
While the lush green mountains help to keep the balance.
The people from the Caribbean are lucky, their natural lifestyle is holistic.
If one just understands this, appreciate it and make a bit more effort they could be living the type of life that millions can only dream of.

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