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Wedding Reception: Choosing The Right Menu Items

Food is one of the most important guests invited to your wedding reception. This isn't the type of guest that is going to get through the event unnoticed. Everyone is going to want a piece of him. So when you make the selection of what to include you need to take into consideration not only what you like but what your guests will enjoy as well. In this situation a little variety can make everyone happy.

How Food Will Be Served:

There are several options for how to serve food at a wedding reception. You can choose to have the dishes set out buffet style. Here you guests can pick and choose what they would like try and they can control the portion size for themselves. At times this can be the less expensive option as you need less food. Everyone won't eat and everyone won't eat a full plate.

You can also choose to have a set menu for each guest. On the invitation you can ask guests to choose between two or more entr©e options. At the wedding reception waiters will serve each person what they requested. To make it simple you also have the option of serving everyone the same thing. If you plan to have lots of children at your special event, consider having a more child friendly option available.

The Dishes and Menu:

Whether the wedding reception facility is taking care of the food or you are having it catered by an outside source you should have several different dishes to choose from. When you meet with a facility coordinator you can set up a tasting for you, the groom and maybe a few friends and family members. Remember; only invite other people if you feel you feel you would benefit from other opinions.

Try everything. Even if you aren't a fan of fish or you typically aren't much of a meat eater. You want to have some idea of what your guests will be enjoying. Be honest and toss out the things that you know you don't want served. By process of elimination you can come up with a complete menu in no time. If you are planning to give your guests choices it is important to make sure that you take care of the food tasting early on. This gives you time to make a decision on the dishes and include them on your invitations.

Allergies and Special Accommodations:

Many people suffer from food allergies and some of your guests are no different. While most allergy sufferers realize that they may not realize what their food dishes were cooked in or with, you want to let everyone know in advance if you know of a complication that could arise. Ask your coordinator what the options are for individuals with special circumstances.

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