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The thirteen colonies were made by England. England made thirteen different places along the east coast for English people to live and work, until they rebelled. The American war of independence may be called, the try of the thirteen colonies in America to get independence (freedom), from England. In April 1775, England's soldiers living in America in a city named Boston tried to take guns and rifles from a local group of American soldiers. This failed, and with this began growing anger at England's rules.

Soon, British things sold in the colonies were worth less money. In America, they could not agree on how to make friend with England. They sent the famous 'Olive Branch Petition', This asked King George III to end the fighting. The King said no to this, and sent an army of 75,000 to control the colonists who were becoming angry. But by this time, the colonists started calling themselves free. They declared their independence on July 4, 1776. The bigger English army was able to easily win many fights against the American colonists at the start. So the Colonist tried to talk their way into getting a declaration of independence. But, General George Washington led the colonists to an important win near the city of Saratoga.

At this time, France now came into the war to help the American soldiers. This only made America stronger. From here, England tried to change its war plan. England's Lord Cornwallis now led a fight in the south. But, the French ships attacked and stopped him at the battle of Chesapeake bay, and stopped his guns and food supplies. At the same time, Spain had entered the war. They beat the English army in East Florida in September 1781. The next month, both French; colonist army led by Lafayette and Washington beat England's Lord Cornwallis in the Battle of Yorktown. With this, England was left with no choice but to give up, and leave America. The war totally ended with the Treaty of Paris in 1783, by which England said it would take out all its soldiers out of America forever. The English fight ended this way in America because England was unable to stop the rebellion of its own people.

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