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Ballistic claims that the HC can protect your Curve from drops as high as 20 ft. The case provides a thick, protected barrier close to the Curve and feels solid in your palms.

The Ballistic HC earns it really is name as a challenging core protective technique for the Curve 8500/9300 and is effectively really worth the premium price tag, IMHO. One caveat of this kind of an sophisticated protecting case is the unavoidable addition of bulk and bodyweight to the Curve's native, very low-profile layout. If your looking for a reduced-bulk remedy then the HC is not for you. The Ballistic HC was developed to present heavy-duty safety from the factors and accomplishes that purpose nicely.

The Incipio Feather scenario for the BlackBerry Storm 9520/9550 is a basic, snap-on layout with an ultra-mild, but durable materials that adds really little weight and thickness to your device. The Feather is excellent for Storm 2 users who want to to cover their gadget with a protective situation that is inconspicous and light and light-weight. The Feather stands out with the addition of a handy stand for viewing your Storm two horizontally (excellent for nightstands).

The Feather's outer texture is gentle to the touch and has a clean surface that tends to make pulling your Storm two from pockets effortless. The powerful, polymer shell is significantly less than 1mm thick according to Incipio's spec sheet, translating to a very very low profile. Other than the improved come to feel and colorful paint occupation (I liked the red Feather which contrasted perfectly in opposition to the Black finish of my Storm 2), I could barely notify that the Feather was there. Incipio has really accomplished a super-mild/very low-profile design with the Feather.

As far as set up of the Feather, it is a reasonably straight-ahead approach. Basically snap the situation on above your Storm 2. All of the Storm 9520/9550 buttons, ports, and digital camera are entirely accessible by way of specifically found cutouts in the Feather's entire body. The cutouts are recessed, which allows your fingers locate the controls easier and prevents accidental button pushes when managing your Storm two. The contact display screen and reduce functionality keys on the front of the Storm 2 stay completely accessible and are totally unobstructed when the Feather is set up.

The physical appearance of the Feather, relying on the coloration you pick, can range from a casual Black to vibrant Red. Blue and Magenta hues are obtainable as properly. The finish, as I pointed out before, is clean and cozy to the contact. Display screen protection is integrated with the Feather in the sort of two, clear films that are self-adhesive. This further bonus is specially important with the huge, and somewhat uncovered screen that the Storm two has. The included stand will come as a separate piece (not attached to the circumstance) and your Storm 2 simply rests in it for horizontal viewing. I find this extremely practical for use on the nightstand, when I use my Storm 9550 as an alarm clock.

Blackberry Bold Covers []Any individual who has had a cell system, whether it be a BlackBerry or not, understands the need to have for a protecting circumstance.

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